ACUHO-I has announced the recipients of their 2024 awards, spotlighting more than 20 individuals for their exemplary service and contributions to the campus housing profession and ACUHO-I. Among those being honored, Gerry Kowalski and Phyllis McCluskey-Titus were both selected for the ACUHO-I Award, one of the most prestigious honors that the Association offers. The award is selected by a panel of past-ACUHO-I presidents and granted to an individual only after they retire.

In 2018, Kowalski concluded a 40-year career as an administrator and faculty member in higher education, student affairs, and student housing, most recently as executive director of university housing at the University of Georgia. He has since given himself the title of Senior Porch Inspector and Consultant. He served in many ACUHO-I positions for more than 30 years. Among the most notable were being co-chair of the James C. Grimm National Housing Training Institute and a presenter at the 2010 Southern African Housing Summit. He was also a member of the Advocacy and Influential Leadership Task Force, the Program and Research committees, The Journal of College and University Student Housing editorial board, and a team that conducted association-sponsored research about executive leadership. For his work he has also received the ACUHO-I Foundation Parthenon Award and the James C. Grimm Leadership and Service Award.

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus spent her 40-plus years as a dedicated faculty member and practitioner improving the campus housing and student affairs professions as well as the experiences of her students. After holding various housing positions at four different campuses, McCluskey-Titus moved to Illinois State University, where she would remain for the next 23 years. During that time, she oversaw numerous doctoral dissertations, secured research grants, authored presentations and publications, and sponsored research projects. In addition, she dedicated time to GLACUHO and ACUHO-I in various roles. She was editor for The Journal of College and University Student Housing, chaired the Commissioned Research Committee, and served as a scholar-in-residence for the annual conference. She has received recognition for the influence that her research has had on developing practice and teaching within the field, including being awarded the Research and Publication Award from ACUHO-I, which was just one of more than 20 awards she received over her career.

View the full list of award recipients below and read more about their accomplishments in the Talking Stick award supplement.

Gerard Kowalski

University of Georgia

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus

Illinois State University

Vennie Gore

Michigan State University

Pieter Kloppers

Stellenbosch University

Paige Hicks

The University of Chicago

Yetty Marquez-Santana

Vassar College

Kenneth Mauk

University of Houston

Jason Lynch

Appalachian State University

Caitlyn Chaparro

Penn State

Alexander L. James

Penn State

Erin Mayo

College of the Holy Cross

Mike Schilling

University of Colorado, Denver

Joshua Travis Brown

University of Oxford and University of Virginia

Daniel J. Gibson

Liberty University

Joseph M. Kush

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Fred Volk

Liberty University

Sophia Park

James Madison University

Justin Sanchez

Mississippi State University

Allee Garry

Oregon State University

Jason Taylor

Annex Group

Kathleen Kerr

State University of New York at Oswego