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Count on ACUHO-I’s online education opportunities to help you provide the type of vital onboarding education for resident assistants that lead to success.

As resources and time became more in demand, ACUHO-I answered members’ requests and worked with subject-matter experts to create engaging and educational online courses to help prepare resident assistants prepare for their work.



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ACUHO-I’s online education opportunities provide an affordable and in-depth exploration of emerging topics vital to the campus housing profession. Created by professional subject-matter experts and adhering to best practices for adult learning, these online courses are efficient ways to complement your real-world experiences, broaden your knowledge, and do so in a way that fits your schedule.

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Training for Resident Assistants

These two courses—RA 101 and RA 2021—supplement your existing paraprofessional staff training program with unique online training modules. Moving pieces of the training online gives your staff more time for face-to-face learning about the subjects that most need it. 

Campuses that enroll in this program purchase virtual seats for the RAs. Once students start a course, they have eight weeks to complete the material. Students access the training virtually, and you, as a supervisor, will be able to monitor each RA’s progress through the material and ensure that they complete their training in these critical areas. 

Participating students complete activities, respond to reflection questions for class discussions and engage with videos, podcasts, and articles that provide in-depth exposure to key topics while freeing up your valuable “live” training time to focus on campus-specific policies, procedures, and community-building strategies. 

Pricing is based on the number of RAs. Many campuses will choose to purchase both courses for each RA on staff – allowing them to complete both courses in the program over the course of the academic year.

Pricing for the course is based on the number of RAs you would like to train. Simply select the number of “credits” or “seats” that you would like to purchase for each of the two courses—RA 101 and RA 201. Many campuses will choose to purchase both courses for each RA on staff, allowing them to complete both courses in the program over the course of the academic year.

Enrollment is Open

Have questions? Contact us at learn@acuho-i.org

Rate (USD)

Please Note: Institutions will need to purchase one seat for each person in the course. In calculating the number of seats you will need to purchase, please remember to take into account any administrator accounts you’d like to utilize, including yourself.  Additional discounts may be available for those purchasing in bulk (80 or more enrollments) and for colleges and universities with fewer than 3,000 beds. Contact learn@acuho-i.org for details.

RA 101: Being A Resident Assistant

Perfect for new RAs, this course is an introduction to the important work they do to support students, create and support a community, work with teammates (both peers and supervisors), and more.

  • Module 1 – The World Around Us: Explores how RAs help create the foundation of a residential community through building relationships, facilitating connections, and applying customer service practices.
  • Module 2 – Being an Agent of Your Institution: Explores key policies and procedures that impact the RA role, explores the ethical decision-making process, and addresses key strategies for operating as a member of a team and a responsible and valued member of the campus community.
  • Module 3 – Cool, Clear Head: Covers topics related to how to effectively evaluate and act on safety concerns and strategies for responding to various emergency situations, including mental health and safety-related concerns.
  • Module 4 – Self and Self-Care: Covers the importance of self-care and provides tools and strategies for time management and prioritization.

RA 201: Developing the Holistic Resident Assistant

It builds on the established knowledge base from RA 101 and helps participating RAs explore the application of that knowledge to their practice as student leaders and to their future.

  • Module 1 – Self Awareness: Covers aspects of the RA role that include social justice, conflicts and bias, self-care and stress management, advocacy, inclusion, self-identity, leadership reflection, and effective role modeling.
  • Module 2 – Student Awareness: Covers a broad range of mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, addiction) and provides insights specifically for student leaders, including warning signs, resources, and tools to support students.
  • Module 3 – Team Awareness: Addresses fundamental aspects of working in team settings, including motivation, conflict, intergroup communication, and managing change.
  • Module 4 – Putting it All Together: Provides a unique opportunity for RAs to identify transferable skills gained through the RA role and apply them to their future career goals.


  • Each “credit” or “seat” purchased unlocks that particular course for one individual.
  • Credits purchased are valid until the deadline. For example: If you purchase 50 credits for RA 101, the redemption code can be activated 30 times now, and you would still have 20 usages left to use if you decide to add additional RAs to the program later. Or, you can choose to redeem for all 50 RAs at once.
  • Any codes not used by the deadline will expire.

Campuses will receive instructions and an activation code. This information is emailed to the RAs that will take the course. RAs will visit the ACUHO-I website to redeem their discount code. Each RA will need to create a login and password, and then “purchase” the course (for 0 cost) using that activation code. RAs do not have to be members to redeem their activation code.

RAs do not have to start on the course at the same time. RAs can start and finish at any point during that term, as long as they complete the course within eight weeks from the time they start. If you plan for your RAs to complete both RA 101 and RA 201, they should start 101 in plenty of time to complete both courses before the deadline.

The course will take 10-15 hours to complete, depending on individual pace.

Each course comes with an administrative function that allows supervisors to keep track of their RAs’ progress through the course. In addition, supervisors can easily track which individuals have completed the course and which have not.

In order to complete the course, an individual is required to view each page of material. There is no time requirement for each page. There are quizzes throughout each course, and a final exam which must be passed with a 75% grade in order to complete the course. It would be difficult to pass the final exam without having read and absorbed the content. Individuals are allowed multiple attempts to pass the course; however, they are not shown the correct answers. So anything they miss on the exam will require further research and reading to find the correct answers.

Free demos are available to review the course material. Please contact ACUHO-I for more information at +1 614.292.0099 or learn@acuho-i.org.

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