Photo: (l-r) ACUHO-I President Leon McClinton, Scott Boden, Scott Singleton, Marilyn Tyus, Ana Hernandez, Alvin Sturdivant, James Barbat (on behalf of Dan Ocampo), ACUHO-I Foundation Chair Patty Martinez, and ACUHO-I CEO Mary DeNiro.

The ACUHO-I Foundation welcomed six new members to its Parthenon Society as part of the 2023 ACUHO-I Campus Home. LIVE! annual conference and expo. This year’s recipients were Ana Hernandez, Marilyn Tyus, Alvin Sturdivant, Scott Singleton, Dan Ocampo, and Scott Boden. These awards are one of the greatest honors a campus housing professional can receive, as champions nominate candidates and then solicit donations to recognize a career filled with contributions. The awards were presented by ACUHO-I Foundation chair Patty Martinez.

Ana Hernandez, currently the dean of housing and residential education at the University of South Florida, was recognized for her decades of dedication to the well-being of students and to furthering the knowledge and leadership of the student housing profession with her numerous presentations at Association events and her strength in chairing many committees. One of her nominators wrote, “It’s hard to accurately provide a narrative on the impact that they have had on our profession, the professionals that have crossed their path, and most importantly, the hundreds of thousands of residents in their care.”

Marilyn Tyus, the vice president for university housing and dining at The University of Texas at Austin, was singled out for her career spent as a mentor to countless housing professionals and service within the GLACUHO, SEAHO, and SWACUHO regions. One nominator described her as “an amazing mentor to so many people in and outside of higher education. As a licensed professional coach, they are involved in women’s empowerment work. They open doors of opportunity where others close them. They lead authentically and thoughtfully with compassionate accountability.”

Alvin Sturdivant is the vice provost in the division of student development at Seattle University and, according to one nominator, “has done so much to embody, live, and propel the mission, vision, and values of ACUHO-I.” His Parthenon champions pointed to his long history of Association involvement and leadership, serving in the ACUHO-I presidential track and as a Pathways to Success board member, Leadership Academy developer, and TPE chair. One nominator described his dedication by saying, “They are the first person to meet new and advancing professionals at conferences, meetings, and events, making connections, listening, caring, supporting, encouraging, and role modeling. It is impossible for me to put into words what an extraordinary leader, human, humanitarian, and mentor they are.”

Scott Singleton, the senior director of business development at Bedloft/EcoMax, was singled out by his champions as a master of building relationships and a compassionate colleague who is always putting others first. They noted his dedication to getting to know Association members and the work they do on campus and offering all the assistance that he can. Among his praises, his champions noted his high level of activity with ACUHO-I and all the regional professional housing associations. Additionally, he was called “an iconic figure” within NACURH circles.

Dan Ocampo, who held his last housing position at Seattle University, was posthumously inducted into the Parthenon Society. He was a long-time member of ACUHO-I and had shared his expertise with the Association in several leadership opportunities, including Executive Board trustee and faculty member of the Roelf Visser Student Housing Training Institute. One of his nominators, Angela Powell, summed up his impact on the profession and his bright spirit, noting how she “best knew Dan through our love of students and our time spent with NACURH, but Dan is respected in NASPA, ACPA, and ACUHO-I, serving on a variety of committees and in positions that supported the goals of these organizations. Dan loved the housing profession, teaching, education, and, most importantly, students.”

Scott Boden, a longtime campus housing professional at several campuses and the current director of development for the ACUHO-I Foundation, is set to retire in July. Still, he was directly involved in each step of the Parthenon process, which meant his colleagues had to take several additional steps to honor him for his dedication and service to both the profession and the Association. His champions noted his infinitely optimistic character, his professionalism, and his strength as a loyal mentor throughout his work in GLACUHO, NEACUHO, ACUHO-I, and in the many positions he held at campuses across the Midwest and East Coast. One nominator shared the impact he has made on her career by stating, “From my first day on campus, you made me feel welcome and valued. The friendship that has grown from your simple kindness and warmth is so very valuable to me. You set a wonderful example of who I wanted to be as a professional, and I strive every day to be as welcoming and kind as you.”