ACUHO-I, this week, announced a strategic partnership with the Residential College Society (RCS) to coordinate events focused on the residential college experience. The RCS will host its Residential College Symposium in coordination with the ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference in Portland, Oregon, October 7-10, 2024. The annual Residential College Symposium is typically hosted on a college campus, but this year will be at the Hilton Portland Downtown.

The RCS’s mission is to “transform higher education by providing a learning network for faculty and student affairs educators to share knowledge, build community, and advance scholarship about the residential college experience.” On their website, they define a residential college as “a collegiate residential environment in which live-in faculty play an integral role in the programmatic experience and leadership of the community.” This mission pairs ideally with the ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference which has similar goals and outcomes but draws a delegation that tends to include more residence life staff.

While both programs will function as two distinct events, this partnership will allow ACUHO-I conference attendees to share space with faculty, staff, and students, encouraging a spirit of collaboration and shared resource. Call for programs for both events will open in the coming weeks.

The RCS also currently is recruiting members of its executive team which will serve as the symposium’s steering committee. An interest form is available here.