ACUHO-I will join forces with more than 20 higher education associations to offer a week’s worth of free virtual programs focused on staff wellness. The event, to be held February 26 – March 1, will increase awareness and advance knowledge to improve well-being among higher education professionals and move it beyond buzzword status.

“Well-being in Higher Education: Raising Literacy and Advancing the Conversation” will be a collaborative effort where participants will collectively engage with well-being content, brainstorm ideas, deepen relationships, and further their holistic understanding of well-being and its connection to student success. Learning outcomes include articulating why well-being is critical to the mission of higher education; understanding how each campus position is inherently a part of well-being work; describing aspects of well-being and differentiating between wellness and well-being; and identifying collaboration opportunities.

ACUHO-I will host four breakout sessions: “Well-being and Mental Health: A Conversation,” “Leadership Integrity and Beneficence: Fostering Wellness in Others,” Data and Well-being: A Conversation,” and “Harmony in Habitat: Sustainability as a Path to Wellness in Residential Campus Life.”